The largest security operations center in the region.

PULSOC supervises your system and performs detection and response to potential threats 24/7, 366 days a year.

  • Reduces business risk

  • Protects the reputation of your organization

  • Constant support and supervision by our team

Our expertise and certification

Constant support and supervision

Innovative cybersecurity solutions

You take care of your business and company, while our team
takes care of your cybersecurity.

Monitoring and detection

You will have a full control over events and traffic in your system thanks to our cyber security solutions…

Incident response

In order to minimize the damage to your organization, our team of experts is ready to find the cause of the problem at any moment…

Threat hunting

Active search for threats, so that they can be stopped and removed before they are even detected will be more efficient…

Virtual CISO

Protect important information and client reputation by establishing security procedures.

Vulnerability management

Security vulnerabilities represent system weak points, which hackers can use to exploit resources.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a process of simulating an attack…

Cybersecurity awareness program

Although it is necessary to protect your information systems with adequate security solutions, the behavior of each employee in the organization plays a key role in defense against malicious actors. Research has shown that the highest percentage of unauthorized access is caused by human error and ignorance of threats that are present everywhere and sometimes difficult to detect.



of breaks into the system by hackers are caused by
human error.


of adults are having difficulty estimating whether the information on the internet
is legitimate.


of adults use the same passwords on more than one of their accounts.


within the organizations, at least one employee installed a malicious application. 

Cyber Threat Map


A place where the best technologies and the best experts connect

PULSOC is the largest security operations center in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina which monitors your system and detects and responds to potential threatsad to clients' cybersecurity, 24x7x366.

Experts + technology

The constantly changing cyber security industry requires us to always be ahead of time. That's why our focus is on building a dedicated team ready to change the world, choosing technology that allows us to be one step ahead of any threat because the security of our clients comes first.

If you are ready to step forward in your career and want to be a part of the team whose ideas shape the future, find out here how you can become a part of the PULSOC team.